Monday, April 05, 2010

some Disney character development...

Part of some development work i did for the guys at Disney on one of their shows in development; they didnt choose this version of the character, but its my favourite... she is so so cute! Her name's Kylie (i dont thnk thats giving too much away!) 

Happy Easter!!!

Easter mailout (it was late... but not THAT late) 

Little Red Riding Hood

Another piece for the Gleepark: Character Exhibition Project, done before they changed the topic to viruses, which obviously I was very happy about

happy (woefully late!) halloween

lookout for my xmas mailout sometime in the summer! 


untitled project...!

Just an idea I had for a show about two kids who have their own monster (which looks a little like a sleestack from Land of the Lost) who have loads of adventures; it didnt really get much further than drawing them... & not as far as thinking up a name for the show! the kids look cute though!!